COVID-19 Resource Center


Upcoming Events

Refer to the following list of online events and click on them to request to be registered. Please note that some webinars are provided exclusively for customers, while others may be open to anyone.

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Past Event Recordings

The following event recordings are available in our media library, accessible via the customer care portal, or by special request - please contact us to request access.

  • Preventive Maintenance, Inspections and the Impact of COVID-19 at the University of Wisconsin
  • Getting Your Space Ready to Use Again (Hosted by AUDE)
  • Capital Planning for a Post COVID-19 World (Hosted by APPA, TEFMAAUDE)
  • Federal Stimulus Implications for Facilities Organizations
  • Leveraging ReADY for the Challenges of COVID-19
  • Inspections Training Series #5: Inspection Remedial Action Generation to Work Order
  • Inspections Training Series #4: Using Go Asset Management for Inspections
  • Inspections Training Series #3: How AssetSync Can Help with Inspections
  • Inspections Training Series #2: Creating and Using PM Templates for Inspections
  • Inspections Training Series #1: Configuring AiM and Go for Inspections
  • Not Fooling Around with COVID-19; Using Inspections in AiM and Go for Compliance

Industry Resources

Following are some COVID-19 -related industry resources we feel may be helpful for you.

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U.S. Government

State & Local Government
Federal Government

United Kingdom, Scotland & Wales

Australia & New Zealand

Facilities Industry