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AssetWorks Customer Success: Real Partners Facilitating Real Solutions

Cristina Wheless

Cristina Wheless

Before joining AssetWorks, I operated a small firm that provided software implementation services to facilities organizations. I realized early on that my customers valued:  

  • Having a qualified partner in their corner, 
  • Partnering with an industry professional that had a thorough understanding of their Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), 
  • Having a team with the functional and technical expertise to get the job done, 
  • And a strategy to address the various challenges facilities organizations face every day  

Beyond implementation services, they valued having an advocate that helped them navigate through their IWMS initiatives to achieve the best possible outcome for their organization, their institution, and the communities they serve. 

When I joined AssetWorks in 2017, I immediately found like-minded colleagues; Randy Walsh – Chief Sales Officer; Glenn Adams – Chief Product Officer; Bob Baker – VP of Professional Services; and Jordan Lueck – Director, Customer Services, (to name a few). AssetWorks was a larger organization, but just like my small business, everyone understood and agreed that the success of our company, plainly stated, is tied to the success of our customers. AssetWorks has always been dedicated to customer success, each department with a different focus; Sales, Product, Services, and Customer Support. What we lacked was a dedicated customer advocate internal to our organization. With that in mind, we formed AssetWorks Customer Success. 

Enter Brian Carlson and Al Lusis, the AssetWorks Customer Success team. 


Brian Carlson - Circle_

Brian Carlson
Senior Account Manager

Brian has two decades of experience with IWMS software, focusing on higher education, public sector, and telecom verticals.  While completing his bachelor's in Industrial Engineering, he began his background in facilities at Iowa State University, working as a systems analyst.  In addition, he has held customer support, IWMS implementation, and project management roles. 

Al Lusis

Alexander Lusis
Account Manager

Al joined the AssetWorks team earlier this year. Although he is newer to AssetWorks, he brings almost ten years of customer success experience to the organization. Al has worked in several industries but has focused on the technology and SaaS industries for the last few years. Al is passionate about working with customers and helping them meet their goals through product utilization. 

Brian and Al are not your typical customer success reps. They are seasoned industry professionals and heavy hitters in Facilities Higher Ed. They aren't in the business of just managing your problems; they're here to facilitate solutions. In the past few years, I've seen firsthand the positive impact Brian and Al have made here at AssetWorks. When you escalate an issue, they are your fierce advocate behind the scenes, holding Services, Customer Care, and Product teams collectively accountable for a positive and timely resolution. When you're considering moving forward with your IWMS, they won't just sell you a widget; they will partner with you to gauge your needs, priorities, and product fit. Then they'll help you map a path forward, with ROI and value as their top concern. 


If you've worked directly with Brian and Al before, I'm just stating the obvious. If you haven't, connect with them at AssetWorld 2022 and see for yourself. One of the greatest joys of my career now is watching our customer success team help our customers achieve both the lofty and the incremental wins with their AssetWorks IWMS! 


About the Author:  

Cristina Wheless is the General Manager at AssetWorks. Cristina has 20+ years of experience working with ERP systems as an analyst, installer, and development manager. Before joining AssetWorks, Cristina worked with facilities organizations for over a decade, including several distinguished universities and agencies using the Assetworks IWMS.