AiM Space Management

Bring greater visibility, accountability, transparency and optimization to your organization

AiM Space Management software provides accurate data to pinpoint the total cost of owned and leased space across an organization.  AiM supports metrics that enable you to compare your organization to similar institutions based on established standards, and you can accurately measure space and accurately track utilization enterprise-wide.

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AiM Space Management software helps you:

  • Reduces “churn” and increase cost savings through better space utilization
  • Lowers organizational space requirements and reduce property expenditures
  • Improves quality assurance management and regulatory compliance
  • Better manages reporting via graphical query capabilities and easily access information and share it across departments
  • Devote fewer man-hours to retrieving information & Reduce duplicate/redundant data entry
  • Reduce duplicate/redundant data entry
  • Supports alternative asset-tracking strategies

How it Works