ReADY Space

engage with your campus or community
to Visualize your Space and Utilize it Efficiently.

ReADY Space crowdsources space data from trusted sources and makes it visible to campus or community leaders, enabling them to optimize space utilization and inform long-range planning.

The solution answers practical questions that come up on campus and in communities every day like: Where is everybody? Where is the vacant space? How big is that building?

Key Benefits

  • • Serve your campus or community better with timely, accurate space data.
    • Make surveying simpler with mobile-friendly space surveys.
    • Consolidate your space data using a single, integrated platform to support your overall operation
Download the ReADY Space Datasheet

Solve Problems

  • Space data and floor plans are too often out of reach. Trusted people can now easily access the data they need to do their jobs 24/7.
  • Delays that arise when construction project documentation is routed for review
  • Customizable space surveys collect only the data pertinent to the question at hand. ReADY Space enables an agile approach to respond to a wider variety of space information requests flexibly. You no longer have to dread the phone call or email requesting information for a building that hasn’t been surveyed in three years.
  • Administrative views of surveys in flight provide detailed progress reports and ensure data quality. No more wondering if you are going to meet your deadline.