Asset Inventory & Capital Budgeting Solution

Improve Your Strategic Planning With Better Data

One of the most significant challenges for capital planners is the absence of high-quality data upon which to perform their analysis. Our Asset Inventory and Capital Budgeting solution empowers your team to collect and deliver data that is accurate, complete, timely, and actionable, enabling your strategic planning team to move toward true data-driven decision-making. Intuitive web interfaces coupled with powerful mobile applications ensure you can collect data more efficiently than ever before while data standard enforcement guarantees it is also the best data you have ever received.

Key Benefits

  • Capture a complete asset inventory and maintain the standards and integrity of all of your asset data.
  • Accurately update assessment and asset data in real time easily and on the go.
  • Make Better Data-Driven Decisions for Capital Planning.
  • Improve operational efficiencies and reduce administration costs.
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Solve Problems

A complete asset inventory in a centralized database is more than just the foundation of great decisions. It also improves communication and breaks down the silos between disconnected functional groups such as maintenance, capital planning, energy and more. The faster we can obtain and transfer accurate data from construction to maintenance, the less issues we have during turnover activities. AssetSync was designed to centralize the review process and ensure the integrity of asset data by using it to import new assets or export and update asset data en masse. Our mobile solution, Go Asset Management, can provide field personnel with accurate and complete asset information including replacement parts, saving time and eliminating unnecessary trips. In turn, field personnel can update assessment data in real-time as assets are renewed or replaced. Capital Budgeting tools allow you to make the most of your accurate asset data. It’s not just about scheduling today’s capital renewal; it’s about planning and budgeting for the future. Coupling your condition assessment information with industry-leading cost models helps align long-range investment plans to your strategic goals, giving you confidence that you are spending your limited funding on the right things.

A Unique Approach

Our Asset Inventory and Capital Budgeting Solution seamlessly integrates real estate, facility and asset management with capital planning using an extensive range of tools and mobile apps under a single, unified software platform. The solution allows you to store both asset life cycle and deficiency data within our industry-leading Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS).  Now, accurate, real-time asset and assessment data makes data-driven, long-range strategic planning and budgeting a reality.

How it Works

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