Managing utilities across facilities in any industry is difficult, but campuses pose unique challenges. At AssetWorks, our focus on education can help you better manage your utilities to keep costs down and operations running smoothly.

  • Save up to 5% by closely monitoring utility costs
  • See an ROI in as little as 12 months


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Meter Invoice Transaction

Accurately Invoice Your Utilities.

With AiM Energy Management application that includes multiple meter types and relationships even the most complex of meter hierarchies can be recreated to ensure proper allocation of usage and costs across your organization.

Improve allocation accuracy with better managed meter hierarchies

Accurately track distribution and recover costs by replicating the most complex environments.
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Line Item

You won't find it if your not looking for it

Utility losses through leaks or faulty equipment can be some of the most damaging, hidden costs to your organization spanning months or even years without discovery. AiM Utility Management analysis helps you find discrepancies early minimizing the potential damage to your budget and safety.

Reconcile utility bills

Compare vendor supplied utility usage with internal metering to verify accurate billing and internal charge backs.
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Power BI Dashboard

Streamline Energy Management Processes

Help energy managers at large organizations to analyze consumption by building, identify opportunities to reduce costs, and drive overall energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

Visualize your utility trends

Remove the utility information silo and analyze it alongside property, operations, and space data all stored within our fully integrated application.



Our Family of Products

Our products are designed to work together seamlessly — and we’re proud to offer higher education clients an unmatched level of agility and flexibility for your entire portfolio.

AiM Facilities Management Software
Empower Your Campus with an Integrated Solution

The AiM product is the core of our real estate and facility management system, featuring five distinct pillars that combine to meet your campus’s needs.

ReADY Online Engagement
Engage with Your Campus

ReADY engagement products are user-friendly, integrated solutions that connect you with your campus, colleagues, and customers to provide the highest level of service.

Go Mobile Apps
Enhance Your Field Ops Agility & Productivity

Go mobile apps empower your personnel in the field, making your people more flexible and efficient on the job.

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