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We do it all for education.

Manage your school's operations and maintenance with solutions built on 30 years of best practices. 

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How We Help


We understand Higher Ed better than anyone

Our all-in-one facilities management solution is tailor-made for universities, colleges, and other schools by our team of industry professionals averaging over 15 years of experience in higher education and facilities management.


Solutions for your facilities’ entire lifecycle

From managing construction to preventive maintenance, keep operations running smoothly with our fully integrated, easy-to-use suite of tools.


Do your job with less guesswork

Use our asset analysis and intelligence solutions to help make the right decisions for your institution now and into the future.

Our Integrated Solutions


Operations & Maintenance

Improve operations, reduce costs, and respond more effectively to challenges with our facilities management software. From built-in sustainability tools to lease management, our solution handles all of your O&M needs in one integrated platform.

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Real Estate & Lease Management

Track and manage your portfolio of facilities all in one platform. From financial accounting to automatic lease management to strategic planning, our intelligent solutions make your everyday responsibilities a little less daunting.

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Space Management

You don’t work in a silo, and neither should your facility management software. Gain visibility across your entire inventory for better informed decisions that make planning for the future easier than ever before.

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Construction Project Analysis

Our owners-focused construction financial management solution ensures that projects come in on time and under budget. Manage facility transitions from construction to operation, enjoying the benefits of a fully integrated solution that unifies project data with contract management, operations and maintenance, and asset and assessment data.

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Assessment & Needs Analysis

Increase the quality of your information and make better long-term operational and budgetary decisions with our assessment and needs analysis platform. No more half accurate snapshots — get the full picture for a stronger multi-year plan.

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Utility Management

Allocate your utility service provider invoices to your internal cost centers via billing chargebacks. Reconcile your utility bills with your internal metering and leverage space management data to allocate your costs by space occupancy. Make smarter, better-informed decisions with our utility management services in a fully integrated package.

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Our Family of Products

Our products are designed to work together seamlessly — and we’re proud to offer higher education clients an unmatched level of agility and flexibility for your entire portfolio.

AiM Facilities Management Software
Empower Your Campus with an Integrated Solution

The AiM product is the core of our real estate and facility management system, featuring five distinct pillars that combine to meet your campus’s needs.

ReADY Online Engagement
Engage with Your Campus

ReADY engagement products are user-friendly, integrated solutions that connect you with your campus, colleagues, and customers to provide the highest level of service.

Go Mobile Apps
Enhance Your Field Ops Agility & Productivity

Go mobile apps empower your personnel in the field, making your people more flexible and efficient on the job.

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