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Visualize occupancy, manage growth, and make better informed decisions with our space management tools. Managing space data is not a one-person job; it’s a collaborative effort by your entire organization.

  • Crowd sourced space survey
  • Full integration with CAD/AutoDesk.
  • Consolidated list of properties, buildings, and assets
  • Trusted square footage values
  • Contact information at your fingertips


search Space Org Occ Power BI Dashboard - Resized - Border
Space Org Occ Power BI Dashboard

Improve Your Space IQ.

The combination of accurate square-footage combined with organization occupancy and usage data provides a powerful data set that can be studied for valuable insights.

Make better decisions with increased visibility

Better understand exactly what your facility needs with trusted square footage values and up to date property information.
search Space Analysis - 1072 - Resized - Border
Space Analysis - 1072

Embedded Space Viewer.

Our space viewer provides valuable insights into space ownership, occupancy, usage and status.

Access Space Data

From maintenance requests to capital renovations to utility chargebacks, accurate area and occupancy data are critical to your success.



Our Family of Products

Our products are designed to work together seamlessly — and we’re proud to offer higher education clients an unmatched level of agility and flexibility for your entire portfolio.

AiM Facilities Management Software
Empower Your Campus with an Integrated Solution

The AiM product is the core of our real estate and facility management system, featuring five distinct pillars that combine to meet your campus’s needs.

ReADY Online Engagement
Engage with Your Campus

ReADY engagement products are user-friendly, integrated solutions that connect you with your campus, colleagues, and customers to provide the highest level of service.

Go Mobile Apps
Enhance Your Field Ops Agility & Productivity

Go mobile apps empower your personnel in the field, making your people more flexible and efficient on the job.

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