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Rather than fighting fires, implement AssetWorks for proactive action to prevent potential problems. Since our all-in-one system works together to offer you information about your entire campus, increased visibility means that operations and maintenance can run smoothly, and issues can be addressed before they become a problem.

  • Up to 11% savings from improved O&M practices
  • Up to 15% reduction in equipment downtime
  • Up to 15% reduction in total cost of ownership


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AiM Work Queue - iPad

Simplify the Complexities of Campus Maintenance

AiM Operations & Maintenance allows your workforce to go mobile, receive their work in the field, and execute on it with real-time updates to supervisors and customers.

Integrate time keeping, labor tracking, and more

Increase efficiency and reduce errors with our one-stop shop for all operational needs.
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Team Scheduler-1

Your One-Stop Shop for Planning, Scheduling, and Prioritization

Team Scheduler eases the assignment of work, the adjustment of statuses, and the estimate of work duration in one easy-to-use screen.

Manage your backlog

Boost productivity and effectively prioritize and manage work daily assignments features.
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ReADY Home Page

Improving the Customer Experience

Customers can electronically request work and be automatically notified of approvals and comments as their work progresses through our Customer Self-Service portal.

Keep external customers happy

Cut call center volumes and decrease manual data entry with electronic work requests and automatic work approvals and progress updates.



Our Family of Products

Our products are designed to work together seamlessly — and we’re proud to offer higher education clients an unmatched level of agility and flexibility for your entire portfolio.

AiM Facilities Management Software
Empower Your Campus with an Integrated Solution

The AiM product is the core of our real estate and facility management system, featuring five distinct pillars that combine to meet your campus’s needs.

ReADY Online Engagement
Engage with Your Campus

ReADY engagement products are user-friendly, integrated solutions that connect you with your campus, colleagues, and customers to provide the highest level of service.

Go Mobile Apps
Enhance Your Field Ops Agility & Productivity

Go mobile apps empower your personnel in the field, making your people more flexible and efficient on the job.

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