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Shift from reactive, emergency-driven maintenance to a preventive solution with our system, which helps you maintain a more consistent level of quality and performance in your facilities and assets.

  • Longer asset life
  • Reduced costs
  • Fewer breakdowns


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Preventive Maintenance Generation

Let AiM generate planned and statutory work requests based upon Preventive Maintenance standards, Work Order Templates, and your Asset Inventory.

Improve efficiency and increase safety

Maximize the life of your facilities and assets by taking care of issues before they even arise, rather than triaging after an issue or event.
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PM WorkDesk

Improve Your Planned vs. Corrective Ratio

Plan your work, Track your work, and Execute. With easy to use dashboards and insights into your upcoming work and available resources managing your planned maintenance is more efficient and more consistent.

Experience fewer interruptions to operations

Keep your campus on track and avoid downtime by staying on top of routine maintenance before small issues become big problems.



Our Family of Products

Our products are designed to work together seamlessly — and we’re proud to offer higher education clients an unmatched level of agility and flexibility for your entire portfolio.

AiM Facilities Management Software
Empower Your Campus with an Integrated Solution

The AiM product is the core of our real estate and facility management system, featuring five distinct pillars that combine to meet your campus’s needs.

ReADY Online Engagement
Engage with Your Campus

ReADY engagement products are user-friendly, integrated solutions that connect you with your campus, colleagues, and customers to provide the highest level of service.

Go Mobile Apps
Enhance Your Field Ops Agility & Productivity

Go mobile apps empower your personnel in the field, making your people more flexible and efficient on the job.

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