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Our mission to empower our education partners with innovative solutions to build a better future is greatly bolstered by our strong team's collective expertise and dedication, which consistently strives to deliver transformative results. By fostering a collaborative environment and harnessing diverse perspectives, we leverage our team's strengths to create impactful solutions that drive positive change in the education sector.




Our Core Values


We keep our promises 


We value relationships above all else


We are in this together for the long haul






We believe in the power of accountability and take pride in fulfilling our commitments to both our dedicated staff members and our valued customers.


We actively cultivate an environment that fosters authentic and lasting relationships with our staff, customers, and partners, understanding that collaboration and support are essential for achieving shared goals.


We are fully committed to our customers and employees, investing in their success and growth for the long-term journey ahead. 






We win with integrity


We value honesty without reservation


We demand excellence






Our commitment to winning with integrity means that we prioritize doing what is right, even when faced with difficult choices, and we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of ethics and moral conduct.


Our commitment to honesty without reservation extends to admitting mistakes, taking responsibility, and continuously seeking improvement, as we recognize that genuine growth is fueled by candid and constructive dialogue.


Our unwavering pursuit of excellence ensures we deliver exceptional products, services, and experiences, inspiring confidence and trust in our staff, customers, and stakeholders. 




What are our team members saying


Jordan   Kristen

What I love most about AssetWorks is the company culture. Working at a company full of employees who genuinely care about each other makes it easy to go that extra mile!


Being part of a highly collaborative team at AssetWorks makes all the difference – together; we create a real and tangible impact through our collective efforts.

Jordan Lueck
Director, Customer Care


Kristen Shouldice
Marketing Manager





What you'll love about us 


      • Our culture is built on promoting innovation and diverse ideas focused on our education partners.

      • An array of products and experienced teams to learn from. We know how to build software the right way!

      • Internal training, mentoring, and leadership development opportunities.

      • Flexible hours and generous vacation packages for work-life balance.

      • In-office and remote work opportunities.

      • Excellent health care benefits, FSA, and HSA options.

      • Education and training reimbursement.


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