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AssetWorks Announces New Partnership with SFG20

Paul Sharp

Paul Sharp

AssetWorks Announces a Strategic Partnership with SFG20, Elevating Facilities Management in UK Education

AssetWorks is pleased to announce that we have become a full API partner with SFG20, the UK's industry standard for building maintenance specifications. This collaboration marks a significant step in our unwavering commitment to supporting facilities management within the UK's higher and further education sectors. 


Why This Partnership Matters 

The primary objective of SFG20 is to ensure compliance with regulations and manage maintenance requirements effectively. With an extensive library of over 2000 maintenance schedules, which cater to more than 70 different asset types, SFG20 resources are designed to support maintenance operations across various industries and sectors, regardless of the size of the facility. The schedules within the SFG20 database are dynamically updated to stay aligned with the latest legislative and regulatory changes, as well as changes in best practices. This adaptability ensures that the tool remains current and practical for its users. By offering asset mapping and resource modelling tools, SFG20 simplifies the process of staying compliant with the ever-evolving regulations and efficiently managing maintenance tasks. 


AssetWorks and SFG20: A Synergistic Relationship 

The API integration with AssetWorks supports the exchange of information between the AssetWorks IWMS software and your SFG schedules. At the core of the AssetWorks IWMS solution is the doctrine of creating a "Single document of truth" that ensures real-time updates of records and budgets. This integration significantly reduces the costs, time, and risks associated with manual entry and updates, streamlining processes and ensuring compliance. 


Focused on Education 

AssetWorks Facilities’ CEO, Randy Walsh, highlights this partnership as a testament to our dedication to the UK education sector, stating, "This is yet another example of our commitment to the UK Estates and Facilites Management sector and is the first of several significant developments expected in the coming year". 


The Value for Educational Facilities 

Educational facilities often face unique challenges in managing their buildings and assets, requiring specialised attention to ensure safety, compliance, and efficiency. The collaboration between AssetWorks and SFG20 directly addresses these needs, offering a tailored solution that enhances the management of educational facilities. 


This partnership with SFG20 is more than just a collaboration; it's a strategic move towards redefining facilities management in the UK education sector. AssetWorks remains steadfast in our commitment to delivering innovative, efficient, and compliant solutions for our valued clients in education.