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AssetWorks is now on G-Cloud 13 framework

Paul Sharp

Paul Sharp

GoAssetWorks is pleased to announce becoming an official supplier within the G-Cloud-13 framework.

What is G-Cloud

G-Cloud is a buying framework introduced by the UK Government in 2012 as an agreement between the government and suppliers of cloud-based services. Its goal is to ease procurement of cloud software offerings for UK central government departments and all other public sector bodies, thereby reducing the effort of distributing multiple contracts. An organisation must apply online to become a supplier on the G-Cloud-13 Digital Marketplace. 


To meet the requirements to be an approved supplier on the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace, a supplier must meet the following: 

  1. Suppliers must be cloud companies 
  2. Suppliers must fit within one of the G-Cloud categories or Lots 
  3. No "colocation' services can be listed 
  4. Product offerings must be off-the-shelf solutions 


What being on G-Cloud 13 means

As an approved vendor, GoAssetWorks products are now available within the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace. Public sector bodies, in our case Higher Education facilities, will now be able to see GoAssetWorks as a supplier of Cloud software solutions for facility management. One of the most notable advantages to potential customers is that G-Cloud 13 offers the best procurement value for our products. Both the ease of not having to execute a formal tender process and receiving the most advantageous pricing for our solutions are some of the major benefits of purchasing through the G-Cloud 13 digital marketplace


We are proud of completing the rigorous application process. We feel our products and services meet the needs of our higher education partners, and becoming an official supplier on G-Cloud only makes it easier for organisations to learn about our offerings. 


Find our solutions on G-Cloud 13 by searching "GoAssetWorks Limited". 


The G-Cloud 13 release officially went live on 9th November 2022


GoAssetWorks continues to focus solely on software solutions for the higher education market. Our niche focus is built on 30 years of facility experience. 


Interested in learning more or talking to our team? Talk to us.

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