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AssetWorld's 2019 Innovation Award

Kevin Raasch

Kevin Raasch

April 10, 2019

The AssetWorld Innovation Award recognizes an individual or organization that has been truly innovative in maximizing their AssetWorks suite of products.

This award also recognizes an organization that has leveraged the AssetWorks family of products and power of integration to achieve transformative change. Innovation Award winners have combined their vision for the future with the innovative products AssetWorks brings to the table. They embrace change, and then they do the hard work and see it through.

A newcomer to the AssetWorks family

This organization implemented ReADY Request, AiM and Go in July of 2018. They manage and maintain 8,800 buildings. That’s 11.5M square feet of facilities located across 460 square miles of land. Not acres, miles. This implementation was absolutely enormous.

Our Innovation Award winner was an early adopter of ReADY Request. This was a large deployment including 16 ReADY Request tiles designed and successfully implemented in some pretty innovative ways.

Innovation through Integration

This organization and their innovative use of ReADY, AiM and GO shows us all what can be accomplished with the power integration, a shared vision and a great partnership. AssetWorks is absolutely thrilled to present The City of Los Angeles with our 2019 Innovation Award!


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