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Focused Facilities Management Software Solutions for Education and Government Facilities Owners

Cristina Wheless

Cristina Wheless

Our primary focus at AssetWorks has always been Higher Education Facilities Management. Over the years (decades, really), we developed solutions and services to address the needs of distinguished universities like yours. During that time, we also began to attract government and commercial organizations, industries who share many similarities with Higher Education Facilities but in some ways have disparate integrated and asset management software requirements.

It’s you, our partners in Higher Education, who helped make AssetWorks the company we are today. And now, Higher Education is in a period of rapid change. At AssetWorks, we want to do more than help you navigate that change, we want to help your organization thrive. To do that, we need to dedicate our innovative efforts solely to the needs of Higher Education. So, we made a big change!

I’m thrilled to announce the formation of FacilityForce, an entirely new business created to focus on the needs of government and commercial organizations. While some of our AssetWorks team members will transition to FacilityForce, most of the AssetWorks family will remain here, with a mission to focus everything we do on Higher Education.

For nearly a year, we’ve been making plans and taking steps to ensure that AssetWorks and FacilityForce are well-provisioned to service our respective customers. The service you’ve come to expect from AssetWorks will not be delayed or diminished. Moving forward, our product roadmap will be 100% dedicated to the features, fixes, and solutions that matter most to you. Our new motto at AssetWorks - We Do it All for Education!

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