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AssetWorks Appoints Randy Walsh as Chief Executive Officer

Kristen Shouldice

Kristen Shouldice

SAN ANTONIO, TX, October 1, 2022 – AssetWorks Facilities, a leading solutions provider for facilities management in higher education, announced today that Randy Walsh has been named as Chief Executive Officer.

Randy Walsh, who previously held the position of Chief Sales Officer for the AssetWorks Facilities division, brings over 25 years of experience in facility management software. During this tenure, he has focused on solutions for educational organizations in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and has interfaced with hundreds of public sector facility owners, all of which have provided him with a unique perspective to understand the issues of vendors and owners.

Cristina Wheless, the preceding AssetWorks Facilities General Manager, shares “Randy’s integrity, focus, discipline, and innovative spirit embody our core values at AssetWorks. I’m thrilled to see him step into this role. With Randy at the helm leading our team of industry experts, now more than ever AssetWorks will be singularly focused on partnering with our customers to solve complex educational challenges.”

“I am truly honored and humbled to have earned the opportunity to lead the AssetWorks Facilities organization.”, said Randy Walsh. “Even after 25 years in this industry, I am still excited and passionate about facilities management and the technology that helps to optimize it. I look forward to leading this great team as we continue to grow by providing market-leading solutions to education organizations through focus, Innovation and integrity.”

Randy's deeply functional and technical knowledge is centered on integrated Facilities Management software solutions. Before joining AssetWorks, Randy worked in various capacities, including Solution Engineering, Project Management, Product Management, and Software Development, as well as Facilities IS Director.

About AssetWorks Facilities
AssetWorks Facilities is an integrated solutions provider focused on facilities management for higher education. At AssetWorks, we understand the challenges of owning an extensive portfolio of real estate, managing the facilities, and maintaining their assets. Since 1991, we've helped hundreds of public sector organizations with software solutions that improve the facilities' customer experience, create data transparency, increase efficiency, and reduce overall costs. AssetWorks fits within the Volaris Group portfolio, with hundreds of other vertically focused software organizations.