Integrated Workplace Management System

Integrated workplace management system for organizations with significant investments in Real estate, property and equipment.

AiM from AssetWorks is an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) software that provides an extensive range of facilities management tools under a single, unified software platform. We help public sector facilities and real estate professionals like you address the challenges you face every day including: Real Estate and Property Management, Space Management, Operations and Maintenance, Capital Planning and Project Management, and Energy Management.

Long Term Success

  • A leader in Integrated Workplace Management Software, AssetWorks provides a single, unified platform for all of your facility management needs. We are dedicated to continued innovation and constantly listening to your feedback and ideas for improving our current products. At AssetWorks, we’re more than just an IWMS solution, we’re a family dedicated to the successful management of your community your facilities or your campus.

Solve Problems

Whether you are a Director or a Department Head, or whether you are the CFO, CIO or CEO we know your problem:

  • Your organization struggles with disparate islands of data from multiple applications
  • Data isn't effectively transformed into information for the key stakeholders
  • Your vision and mission for organization can't be realized

A Unique Approach

AssetWorks provides more than just single software solutions. Designed as a comprehensive system, our software is a one stop tool. Complete IWMS integration is critical for internal information exchange. Our Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS) facilitates this exchange with one click. With this integration, information that was inaccessible information is readily available. Your team can collect this information wherever it’s needed. No longer tied to desks, you can access the data you need in the field, in the office, or in the president’s office.

How it Works

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