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AssetWork's Appreciation Award from City of Los Angeles

Randy Walsh

Randy Walsh

On Wednesday, December 8th, AssetWorks was presented an Appreciation Award from the City of Los Angeles' Department of General Services. 

We are honored and humbled to be recognized by the City for "invaluable customer service and exceptional dedication." 

While the Assetworks family gratefully accepts this award, we attribute our shared successes to the invaluable relationship we have with the City's team.

CoLA Appreciation Award"Rollin Nelson and the folks at the City of Los Angeles' Department of General Services are nothing short of amazing. We happily work together, almost on a daily basis, and sincerely enjoy our partnership." - Tyler Faeth, Customer Care Manager

City of Los Angeles' Facility Management Background

The City of Los Angeles implemented ReADY Request, AiM and Go in July of 2018. They manage and maintain 8,800 buildings. That’s 11.5M square feet of facilities located across 460 square miles of land (not acres, miles.) This implementation was absolutely enormous.

The 2019 Innovation Award Winner was also an early adopter of ReADY Request. A large deployment that included 16 ReADY Request tiles designed and successfully implemented in some pretty innovative ways. This included a number of request processes that specifically addressed COVID-19 pandemic-related issues for the city.


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