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Is an IWMS Right for Your Organization?

Glenn Adams

Glenn Adams

An IWMS – Integrated Workplace Management System – helps facilities professionals oversee the complete facilities and real estate lifecycle. A software solution to meet the needs of those managing the built environment, an IWMS is a vital tool for facilities professionals.

Today, let’s take an in-depth look at the power of an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) for your organization.

An Introduction to IWMS:

As a facilities professional, you have a lot going on. Your role is critical to the organization, and in all likelihood, you do the job of three or four people. Buildings within your organization don’t go into “sleep mode” when you go home at 6:00 PM each night, and you can’t press “pause” on the dripping pipe in Carter Hall to deal with the leaking roof at the cafeteria.

With so much to do in your day, it can feel impossible to do it all. Mounting budget constraints and increasing regulations create a fine line to balance customer satisfaction with financial responsibility.

That’s why it’s critical to have a facilities management software system in your corner. Your facilities department needs a powerful digital solution to support the fantastic work you do for your organization.

An Integrated Workplace Management System manages organizational assets in a built environment. Organizations see a plethora of benefits from implementing an IWMS including increased efficiency, better stewardship of facilities, and improved communication within and between departments.

In a nutshell, an IWMS:

  • Helps organizations maximize resources
  • Provides a single platform for information
  • Brings all five pillars of facilities management under a unified platform

Is an IWMS right for you?

Yes, of course, we’re avid fans of integrated workplace management solutions. But, believe it or not, even we will admit an IWMS isn’t for everyone. So, let’s take a further look.

An IWMS is a robust facilities management solution. It is an ideal, high quality, unified software solution for a wide variety of organizations, but not all. 

Ideal candidates for an IWMS include:

  • Larger organizations
  • Organizations with a lot of assets to manage
  • Governments, schools, universities, hospitals, restaurants, large offices

Admittedly, an IWMS is not the right facilities software solution for everyone. Smaller organizations often find the sophisticated functionality of a robust system to be cumbersome and overwhelming. 

Purchasing an IWMS when you have lighter facilities management software needs is akin to buying a minivan when you only need a bicycle. Sure, there are some excellent features (have you seen those sliding doors and cup holders?) but, the cost of ownership and complexities of upkeep don’t make sense if you only want to ride around the block every few days.

However, if you need to transport your family of 5 on a daily basis, the investment in a minivan is well worthwhile. 

The same is true of IMWS:

If your facilities management needs are small, a lite system will work for you. However, if you’re managing multiple buildings and complex needs, a heavy-duty software like an IWMS will prove well worth the investment.