Operations & Maintenance

Efficiently manage people, facilities, space, equipment, and materials with AiM O&M

Whether, you’re trying to stay on top of your work backlog or trying to effectively manage stock and non-stock materials, AiM’s operations and maintenance solution cuts through the complexity of the modern workplace. With AiM O&M, your organization can reduce inventory carrying costs, improve asset availability, limit equipment downtime, and reduce facilities maintenance costs enterprise-wide.

"Our ability to capture the cost of goods going through our inventory improved dramatically,” said Michele Janiel, Budget Manager at Fresno State. “We have inventory down to a science now: we know when materials enter inventory, when they are assigned to a work order, and can determine whether they should be charged back to a department or are overhead.”

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Solve Problems

We know your to-do list is long and you often face obstacles to complete your tasks. AiM O&M Helps:

  • Track and control expenses for planned and unplanned maintenance
  • Automatically and accurately bill customers for work
  • Accurately estimate work
  • Carefully manage vendors and contract workers
  • Easily access information and share it across departments
  • Decrease inventory carrying costs and improve purchasing efficiency
  • Effectively deploy personnel and manage labor hours
  • Reduce equipment downtime and improve asset utilization

How it Works