ReADY Request

Connect with your community to Improve the Customer Experience

Connect with your community to Improve the Customer Experience

ReADY Request not only provides a simple way for your customers to submit and track facility service requests, but it also automates the workflow for those requests, bringing a new level of efficiency to your facility operations. ReADY Request connects the requester, the facilities department, and the technicians in the field for each service request. The solution creates clarity and enables near real-time communication, so everyone remains in the loop as work is planned, scheduled, and executed.

Key Benefits

  • • Provide a user-friendly experience to your customers.
    • Improve internal and external communication and collaboration.
    • Consistently apply business rules and processes.
    • Increase your team’s efficiency and responsiveness.
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Solve Problems

ReADY Request is a user-friendly, integrated facility service request solution that improves communication across your campus or community and speeds up request to resolution.

  • Intuitive interface reduces confusion and frustration for your customers and internal stakeholders. With ReADY Request, they can easily find, submit, and track the progress of their requests.
  • Smart request forms ensure that each request has the information necessary to properly prioritize, plan, and schedule its execution. Stop wasting time chasing details and focus on solving problems.
  • Workflow Automation reduces the risk of granting unapproved access or executing on unfunded projects while building trust in your processes throughout your organization.
  • Provide convenient access for your customers and internal stakeholders. A single mobile-friendly interface allows them to request services 24/7 from any device.