Real Estate and Property Management Software

AssetWorks provides world-class software solutions for public sector organizations with robust facility portfolios.

Real Estate and Property Management Software is an indispensable tool for property and lease managers at large organizations. A real estate and property management system tracks and manages an organization’s portfolio of facilities, handles the financial accounting for real property assets, automates lease management, helps with the strategic planning of facility needs and more.

AssetWorks provides a powerful real estate and property management solution to some of the largest colleges and universities, cities and counties, and government agencies in North America. Real estate management is just part of our integrated workplace management system, providing a host of software tools for real estate and facilities professionals.

Don't Work in a Silo

  • Operate under a unified platform
  • Manage property, buildings and leases
  • Native integration in to asset assessments, maintenance and operations
  • Front end capability to connect with your community and campus
  • Downstream data connection to a fully interconnected mobile platform
  • Capable to integrate into ERP and financial systems

It's a Challenge

We can relate to your responsibilities, and the challenges you face every day including:.

With asset management, you can:
A lack of visibility and reporting across your entire inventory of facilities
• Lack of visibility across entire inventory of space and its occupancy impedes decision making
• No trusted square footage values for reporting and forecasting
• Rely on a manual process of aggregating data from multiple, disparate systems
• Contact information is not readily available, causing delays in emergencies

That’s a daunting list. We’ve designed our Real Estate and Property Management Software to help you with these challenges.
AiM from AssetWorks is your intelligent solution to these problems and much more. Our Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) offers facility departments an integrated end-to-end software solution, including automation for real estate and property management. AiM IWMS software is designed specifically for professionals like you, and includes an extensive array of real estate and property management software tools.

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