Employee Spotlight - Jon Ellis

Kristen Shouldice

Kristen Shouldice

Each quarter we will be spotlighting one of our many exceptional employees who regularly go above and beyond to keep us thriving. This is a chance for us to not only recognize our internal team members but to show off our team of dedicated professionals to the world! Our selected employee spotlight for each quarter will not only get a little extra special kudos, but AssetWorks will make a donation to a charitable organization of their choice in the employee’s name.  


Employee Spotlight - Jon


Meet Jon Ellis.  Jon is our PMO Manager.  What is a PMO, you may ask?  PMO stands for Project Management Office.  In Professional Services, we saw an opportunity to improve our implementation process through the separation of subject matter expertise and project management duties.   

Enter Jon.   

Many of you who know him may just think of him as your project manager, but behind the scenes, Jon has been transforming the way we do business as a services organization by establishing project management standards.  As a result, we’ve seen noticeable improvements in on-time delivery of services, responsiveness, and overall customer satisfaction.  

Jon joined AssetWorks in 2021 after working as a Project Manager for several years with our friends over at AssetWorks Fleet, where he helped to start and grow the Fleet PMO. Before this, Jon held positions as a Training Consultant in computer and software services for the automotive industry, supporting go-live software implementation efforts. As far as educational achievements, Jon holds a degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, and International Studies from SUNY Brockport and earned his MBA at the University of North Dakota. Not only this, but Jon is also PMP certified by the Project Management Institute.  As a professional, Jon is passionate about having a positive impact and working at a company where he has the opportunity to drive positive change across the organization and our products for the benefit of our customers. 

When speaking with Jon to understand what empowers him in his role, he shared that “AssetWorks provides many opportunities to continue growing and developing professionally.  I always strive for continued education, and AssetWorks supports that”. Jon’s professional passion includes “growing a product or service that benefits from my input, such as a strong and sturdy PMO.” Jon has made substantial strides in developing the AssetWorks Facilities PMO, as Bob Baker, VP of Services put it, “At AssetWorks, Jon has been instrumental in not only establishing a PMO from the ground up, but we are already seeing the benefits of better project controls and standards.” 

Employee Spotlight - Jon - Quote

On a lighter note, Jon resides in Rochester, New York, where he lives with his wife Ryanne, son Corbin (13 months!), dog Keanu and two cats, Sansa and Arya.  Outside of work, Jon likes to stay active outdoors. He’s always looking for the next active hobby, whether skiing, wakeboarding,  basketball, hiking, snowboarding, kayaking, or even sailing; Jon is always on the move.  

Jon has a passion for good causes.  He and his family volunteer and donate to several charities, including  The American Heart Association. Heart disease has touched the lives of Jon’s family and is a leading cause of death worldwide.  AssetWorks is donating to the American Heart Association on Jon’s behalf and in his name.   

We are pleased to showcase Jon as our first employee spotlight of 2022.