Space Management Software

Space Management Software you can count oN. AssetWorks provides world-class software solutions for public sector organizations with robust facility portfolios.

Space Management Software is a powerful tool for space managers illuminating how your organization uses its physical spaces. It is a necessity for large organizations with a portfolio of real estate, buildings and facilities. A space management system helps managers visualize occupancy, make informed decisions, manage growth, and plan for future space needs.

Your Challenges

  • No consolidated listing of properties, buildings and assets
  • No trusted square footage values for reporting and forecasting
  • Contact information not readily available causes delays during emergencies

Solve Problems

We provide space management software you can rely on as a space management professional. We understand the complexities of your job and the challenges you often face including:
  • Lack of visibility across the entire inventory of space and its occupancy impedes decision making.
  • CAD specialists burdened with requests to print or provide drawings for non-CAD users.
  • Reliance on data from multiple, disparate systems to manually calculate indirect cost recovery.
  • Absence of graphical space data causes delays in maintenance and projects.

That’s a daunting list. We’ve designed our space management software to help facilities professionals like you with these challenges.

A Unique Approach

You don’t work in a silo, and neither should your space management software. Through AiM, your space management tools operate under a unified comprehensive software solution. We’ve designed our software to support facility space management from start to finish including CAD integration to easily maintain square footage information and ensure accurate reporting for everyone. AiM helps space management professionals like yourself address daily challenges across entire real estate and building portfolio. If you’re struggling to aggregate data from multiple information silos, AiM centralizes all property, building and asset data for you—this data becomes the foundation of your Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS).  

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