Go: Enhance Productivity of Your Mobile Workforce

Go Mobile Solutions

Go mobile solutions empower your field personnel and technicians to be right where the action is. Offering the right blend of functionality and usability, your organization will benefit from solutions that make your people more agile, flexible and productive, and that’s good for your bottom line.

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Go Work Management

Go Work Management is an application that provides real-time, secure access to application data for field users via iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices.  It offers a user interface designed and optimized specifically for iOS mobile devices that allows for quick, easy access to browse assignments, record time including the ability to start/stop time clocks, record material usage, update status, view/enter notes, map phase/work order locations, and capture field photos.

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Go CPPM integrates seemlessly into the AiM Capital Planning and Project Management module, and provides project managers with the precise functionality they need in the field, such as viewing and editing project details, opening related work orders, adding photos and documents, and performing inspections that can autogenerate corresponding remedial actions.

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Go Asset Management

Go Asset Management provides real-time, secure access to asset data so that users can create and update asset information in the field such as replacement parts, photos, and notes.  It also allows users to perform location verification, meter readings, and inspections.

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Go Inventory

Go Inventory complements and extends the back office asset management capabilities of AiM by providing real-time processing of pick tickets, counter releases, returns, physical counting and management of inventory parts.

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Go Purchasing

Go Purchasing provides the staff in the field the ability to do real-time requesting of parts, record in-store purchasing transactions, and approvals, with offline capability.  Go Purchasing is fully interoperable and compliments other Go apps like the Go Work Management app.

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ReADY, AiM & Go Software Products

Our ReADY, AiM, and Go products are designed to meet your real estate and facilities management needs from start to finish. ReADY connects your customers to your organization. AiM equips facilities staff to manage your real estate, buildings, assets and issues, and Go brings mobile solutions to workers in the field. Click the icons below to explore our other products.

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